[Tutorial] Convert EH to ES to get DVB-S(SAT). 5450 -> 5700

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[Tutorial] Convert EH to ES to get DVB-S(SAT). 5450 -> 5700

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I managed to convert my EH5450 into ES5700. The process is quite easy. You might also try with other board but this one is the most compatible. For Higher ES models you might have to also change the tape marked "18" or "1B". EH5450 board is BN94-05731Q:
As can we see samsung even marked for us with a circle where sat SHOULD BE :D
Board ES5700 is BN94-05851G:
As can we see it's basically same board just with different tuner. You simply connect and voila you have DVB-S :D One problem remains back doesn't fit as you lack hole for sat :( Don't buy ES5700 back is it doesn't fit instead take a look at your back it should look something like this:
Hole im metal itself is there just some plastic needs cutting. You can even mark it :)

I simply used brute force cutting, not pretty but works :D

After that you have fully converted TV :) Hope it helps somebody :)
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Re: [Tutorial] Convert EH to ES to get DVB-S(SAT). 5450 -> 5700

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it would help if youd be doing stuff youre supposed to do and not waste time on this :)

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