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Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:17 pm
by jkuifje
Since firmware version 2005.0 I have the problem that my UE40ES5500 turns on randomly (sometimes at max. volume). Updates 2006.0 and 2007.O did not solve thsi problem. I can see that my tv add timer values automatically in the menu Time.

Yesterday I tried a factory reset throught service mode menu instead of factory reset in the user menu to solve the issue. The problem still exist. I noticed that this factory reset erased: date of purchase and reset counters as display time and may be some other things?

I accidently pushed wrong on 'type' menu in the service mode. I don't know which type is the correct one for my tv. Can someone tell me what is the correct setting for UE40ES5500WXXN Version: 02 Made in Hungary?

Any help would be appreciated.