USB speed test error on UE40ES6100

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USB speed test error on UE40ES6100

Post by geap »

Ha All!

I have an UE40ES6100W TV, and earlier i saw very happy with the automatic record function. Some monhts ago I have experienced it is not working ata all, bacause the flash dive is not applicable for that function (previously it was..).
So I have double checked the flash stick, and on my windows pc is runs well, but the TV speed test sad that it is too slow (1.9Mb/s write, 0 for read).
I have asked Samsung, and they suggested me a reset to factory defaults. No change.

So if anybody had similar problem, and have the solution for that, please do not hesitate to share it with me :-)


Samsung official service answer is "other TV-s are able to record to HDD only". It means, accidentally in the past they enabled to USB stick, and now they realized that??

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Re: USB speed test error on UE40ES6100

Post by juusso »

You have to change 0 to 1 in some file on USB manualy, this will let TV think your flashdisk has enough speed to write to. This is what you have to do:
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Re: USB speed test error on UE40ES6100

Post by Borygo77 »

Or format stick to NTFS if it's fat32 ;) That's what I've done couple hours ago....
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