Unable to install or restore applications

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Unable to install or restore applications

Post by jeff69fr » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:07 pm

Hi all,

need a support / assistance to make me able to reinstall and backup removed applications like 3D explore / skype
current position is as follow with our UE46ES7000 / TECPDEUC

+ based on recent FW (2022)
- I'm able to : . root based on latest FW method
. create and connect using the Dev account
- I'm unable to install applications
--> still on security error issue not solved with the usage of libAnalFix solution

+ based on all other FW (00000/ 2003 / 2006 / 2009 )
I'm unable to . create and connect using the Dev account
--> sill on server connection issue
. a full and complete root using still active method (no more skype) / no FTP

best obtained result is skype installalation based on FW 000000 --> fully usable / many thanks to the team making us able to retrieve! !!
installed skype using USB mode

concerns : > no ability to install other application
> no way to root and keep in place usable skype application
green light after FW upgrate to 2022 and rooting
but skype is no more working / looping on starting step / can't reinstall using USB (won't start)

let me know please the right or best to restart reaching the ability to root and install / backup applications
thanks in advance for your support ;)
Newbie on many topics, I'm willing to learn, progress and share :)

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