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UnBricking UE32ES6100W(NB-41-01812a)

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:52 pm
by louisld

Sorry for my bad english.
I'm have smart tv Samsung UE32ES6100W.

unsuccessful opening of the service menu))
I'm don't know what I did in the service menu, but my tv is now brick .
My TV doesn't react turn on power in any way and its indicator doesn't light up.

I was visiting on wiki page( ... PROM_Reset), but did not find the necessary help.
How do hard reset SoC EEPROM?
Or what needs to be done to fix the TV, if possible))?

I tried unite circuit on IC901:

I attach photos of the motherboard.

Thanks for your help.

Re: UnBricking UE32ES6100W(NB-41-01812a)

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:12 pm
by juusso

M_E_VCC+M_E_SDA or M_E_GND+M_E_SDA is the true way.

Re: UnBricking UE32ES6100W(NB-41-01812a)

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:31 pm
by louisld
Unfortunately (M_E_VCC + M_E_SDA or M_E_GND + M_E_SDA) didn't result.
1. I'm unite circuit
2. power on
3. waiting about 30 seconds,
4. power off
5. disconnect jumper
6. power on
AAAND nothing((((...

But on picture three is present SDA and M_HRESET What are they for?

Re: UnBricking UE32ES6100W(NB-41-01812a)

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:31 am
by juusso
If you touched micom upgrade in aervice menu, then no way to repair unless you have SPI programmer.

If you see nothing on the screen, then probably some other settings have been changed and this can be fixed. Or not. I do not know. Just try.

Sometimes you have to repeat again and again until you get success. Read forum. Hera are a lot of reports about how the eeprom reset procedure was.