[SOLVED] ES Series: unlock and change local area

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Re: [SOLVED] ES Series: unlock and change local area

Post by televeyes »

Hi juuso. I've checked all my other cross-posts were just links, albeit with a couple of sentences intro. Thanks very much for your clarification on this, and for such an excellent resource as SamyGO. All the best for 2014!

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Re: [SOLVED] ES Series: unlock and change local area

Post by ringo »

Tested and working with Samsung S4 phone and 32C6000 tv.
If you don't see a "/remotes" folder in your phone files list, just create it and put inside the file with the edited codes, as explained above on this thread.
Works like a charm... enabled PVR and Guideplus on the latest T-VALDEUC-3018.1 firmware.
Many thanks to the authors and to all SamyGO forum !

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Re: [SOLVED] ES Series: unlock and change local area

Post by Gezim »

How to change region (country for Smart Hub) in UE55ES8000 with Evolution Kit . Both methods (ffv 289 rev and mute, return, volup chup, mute) don?t work. Any solution? Without Evolution Kit worked the first one.

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Re: [SOLVED] ES Series: unlock and change local area

Post by ajohn505 »

The original question was about CE dimming - any thoughts on where this option is in the Advanced Menu? I was able to get to the menus using televeyes instructions, but unfortunately I don't see a CE Dimming option.

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Pronto TSU 9600

Post by priscar999 »


i have purchased this item, as the newer 9800 was way too much for my pocket.
Anyway - im trying to add a samsung tv series P oto it -but cannot locate the code from anywhere!!!
At worst im willing to add my LG TV.

If anyone has the codes for PS4 and PS3 Please let me know.

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Re: [SOLVED] ES Series: unlock and change local area

Post by Es7000 »

televeyes wrote:I recently witnessed successful unlocking of the Locale and Info Link options in the Service Menu
You're not retarded dude. Your post helped me a lot :D
My TV is UE55ES7000 with latest firmware (2020)
The Local Set was greyed in the SM.
Using your method, I reached to change the Local Set from Netherlands to EU_France.

I just had to replace all the "," by ";" within the code you provided.
And save the file in UTF-8 format without any extension.
Otherwise the app doesn't load the file.

I confirm that on my TV the software ruSamsungTVCommunicator works well but does NOT reach to send the Factory and 3Speed signals.

Thank you dude ! ;)

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