Samsung UE46ES6900

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Samsung UE46ES6900

Post by Papillon67 »

Hi all the guys of this wonderful community,
I recently bought a Samsung UE46ES6900 (Italian market, full model code: UE46ES6900QXZT) and entering in the service menu I changed by mistake the panel type setting (you know, you just want see all values and then you forget the original one :(, I feel so stupid for not having carefully annoted the values): everything looked to be ok until I switched the Picture Mode to movie, it's then that I realized that something went wrong as the TV turned the image in a mess of colors (probably the choosen panel type doesn't support the movie Picture mode).
Then I entered Service menu again and did Factory reset thinking that would have restored everything at the 'out of the box' state, but unfortunately it's not the case, so I switched panel type to 46P6AF0E (which seems to be compatible with movie Picture mode).

Since then I clearly noticed two negative effects:

- The colors in the movie Picture mode aren't the same, now they look much more 'vintage style' than they were before.

- The 3D doesn't work correctly anymore, watching a video now it has ghosting (the same video reproduced BEFORE Factory reset was OK).

So I guess that Factory reset doesn't revert your TV at the 'Out of the box' state but changes some settings :(

I also updated firmware via USB to the T-MST10PDEUC-1027.1 version (the installed one when I purchased TV was 1022) hoping that would have solved problems but didn't work.

Service menu also has two menus (Expert and Advanced) that are grayed: I have read somewhere that the Advanced menu can be enabled pressing 0+0+0+0 but doing that two new menus show up (Picture 2D and Picture 3D) which are also disabled :-(

I have some question for you guys:

- Does anyone has the same TV? If yes, could you send me the right settings for panel type and whatever I need to restore TV?

- Can I solve the problems downgrading firmware to 1022 or previous version? If yes, which is the right firmware version to install?

- Does the Expert and Advanced menus are disabled because of firmare version or do I need some extra tools to enable them?

Thanks in advance, I really hope someone can help me :)

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Re: Samsung UE46ES6900

Post by migmig »

i haved senn via the SN that my TV (UE40ES6900) was never calibrated and think this is why my tv colors are bad (must in black pictures)
All the ADC calibration (AV COMP PC HDMI) are all in (/) not Success.

Can you post your ADC Results and White Balance settings ?


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Re: Samsung UE46ES6900

Post by wrocsfs »

Could someone send me a screen shot of settings of service menu to ue46es6900. I have got one but there is mess in options. Please ?

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Re: Samsung UE46ES6900

Post by zoelechat »

Check ES6540 there, should be similar if not same.
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Re: RE: Re: Samsung UE46ES6900

Post by wrocsfs »

zoelechat wrote:Check ES6540 there, should be similar if not same.
Thank you I will try this one.

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