Bluetooth keyboard on non-bluetooth TV

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Re: Bluetooth keyboard on non-bluetooth TV

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Dear tyrenta,

just a hunch, but I assume it will not query any USB ports for that. So, I would doubt that any external device would be recognised.

If it would, there is still the issue of potentially missing drivers not supported by Samsung.
But our board provides more information than I could ever dream of.


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Re: Bluetooth keyboard on non-bluetooth TV

Post by juusso »

Bad thing is that here are a lot of brainstormers, but not much really working/helping people.
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Re: Bluetooth keyboard on non-bluetooth TV

Post by Lochiel »


Followed the directions ssch1034 provided, got the same results, I don't have the hardware on my samsung tv either. I previously tried a bluetooth dongle/adapter (rocket fish) with no success. So, I thought, what the heck, now that I've got the bluetooth software installed on the tv, why not plug the necessary hardware in (dongle) and see what happens? I went to "System-Device Manager-Keyboard Settings and Add Bluetooth Keyboard was no longer greyed out. I selected it, followed the instructions and now use a Samsung VG-KBD Bluetooth keyboard to control my tv.

Thank you Stefan.

ssch1034 wrote:Guys,

In the Option overview there is clearly visible whether you have an bluetooth device in your TV. It would come up with a number
saying ...(taken of snapshot of ES6300, posted on our forum)
echo fs : 0x0052
or similar.

I also tried to connect a BT keyboard (I just didn't do my research on which model supports what features) and
went in to the service menu and enabled "BT Support" to "ON", which can be found in the Config Options of
the main Control Menu. (you have to enable the full service features with "factory" +"3speed" and I am not sure,
but I guess you also have to press 4 times "0" (zero) to activate this feature.

Once you have done this and have managed to get access to this menu, move to the "BT Support" spot and turn this
feature "ON". Now the scary bit: go back into the SVC menu and you'll find "BT UPGRADE" and activate a
FIRMWARE upgrade by pressing either left or right keys (as opposed to the up and down keys).

A small window pops up and asks you if you would like to upgrade this bluetooth module. Then its starts downloading
and - after a while - (BE PATIENT!!) the window disappears. WHAT happened ???

Leave the service menu and you'll see under setup and device management a greyed out button "adding bluetooth device" (or similar).

However, my TV is missing this piece of hardware, which means that I have upgraded the software, but as long as there is nothing to control
a bluetooth keyboard still does not work. Unless I get a scrapped or broken higher model and take out a bluetooth module and put into my TV.

So to keep th long story short: don't bother with a software upgrade if you don't have the bluetooth module in your telly,
which you can easily find out on the first page upon entering into the service menu.

Kind Regards

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Re: Bluetooth keyboard on non-bluetooth TV

Post by Nineinlength2003 »

I am a pretty handy person. I did some research and i bought i bought a series of pieces that i needed to connect the bluetooth module. All of the wire harnesses match up perfectly. I have a samsung 40" j5200 .2015. I accessed the service menu and turned on many of the blue tooth features however where it has bluetooth upgrade in the engineering section i am not able to changle that to on. If i can somehow get the tv to upgrade the bluetooth software i will believe it will work. Can use some help on this. I havent heard of anyone else doing thjs

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