UA/ES7500 stuck in bootloop

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UA/ES7500 stuck in bootloop

Post by AdamX »

So I really have myself to blame in part for this, as well the genius samsung developers who thought it was a good idea to automatically format partitions if mounting fails in the /etc/profile. Anyway, I accidentally executed the linuxrc script, while it was already booted, which caused it to fail to mount and ... you get the picture. So now the TV just endlessly reboots, showing the "SmartTV" logo then a black screen for a couple of seconds, then rebooting and starting all over again. I can't get it to actually go into standby mode, only yanking the power cord will turn it off.

I've read on the Wiki that with a service menu you can get into uboot and flash the firmware that way, but how do I get into the service menu to enable debug if I can't actually get the TV into standby mode to actually enter the service menu? Is it as bricked as it sounds, or is there some secret reset methods I don't know about? Would the EEPROM reset mentioned on the wiki help at all? I'm considering getting it serviced so I'd rather not try any invasive methods yet in case they can fix it but otherwise I'm at your mercy...

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Re: UA/ES7500 stuck in bootloop

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If it does not mout partitions, it should perform automatic format and then mount clean partition. But it is not the first report such scenario does not work. If tv is under warranty, do not touch anything and bring tv to service. Anyway nothing will help. Usually we do mainboard replacement. Here is no uboot since C series anymore.
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