ES8090: Universal Remote (aka "Smart Touch Control") and the BT "IR Blaster"

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ES8090: Universal Remote (aka "Smart Touch Control") and the BT "IR Blaster"

Post by hudd0 » Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:08 am

Has anybody ever set up the Universal Control and the IR Blaster successfully with an BD or Set Top Box?
The UR Setup never finds anything... Se the Screenshots Maybe I trashed something up when fiddeling with my TV. Dont know.
Me not... It worked for me (partially??) when i boxed out TV a few years ago... Dont know, too long ago... :mrgreen:

Well, thats the first thing... (but i think its only my problem)

The other thing:
When i was investigating how the whole setup process works, i figured out:
When you launch the "Universal Remote Setup" Widget on TV, it starts (in my case) the Widget located at:

The File ..
..seems to contain the whole List of accepted 3rd Party devices for STB and BlueRay/DVD Devices. Hmm. its pretty small...

When you look a lil deeper inside...

Code: Select all

        mbrPlugin = document.getElementById("pluginObjectMBR");
	mbrPlugin.OnEvent = "OnEvent";
	channelListPlugin = document.getElementById("pluginObjectChannelList");
	empOfflineDB = document.getElementById("pluginObjectEMP");
Offline DB?? "Qs"? I saw Qs when doing a ps -aux:

Code: Select all

root     13724  0.0  0.3   6308  1920 ttyS1    Sl+  06:43   0:00 Qs 36904 -1

an "lsof | grep Qs" outputted this:

Code: Select all

13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  /dev/ttyS1
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  /dev/ttyS1
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  /dev/ttyS1
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  socket:[216491]
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  socket:[216492]
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  socket:[216494]
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  socket:[216509]
13724   /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/empQs  /mtd_rwcommon/emps/empQs/UEIQSDB/dac2
So... I looked around in the emp "empQs" Folder and found:

Code: Select all

# ========================================================================== #
# UEIC Command App Config file
# ========================================================================== #


# Path to the DB root directory

# Remote DB OEM ID

# Remote DB User ID

# Remote DB Language

# Remote DB region code


#CA cert

#Mapping from local types to online types 
#JSON format is used for the same.
devmap:={"TV":"T", "VCR":"V", "DVD":"Y", "CABLE":"C", "SAT": "S", "AUDIO":"R,A,M", "VIDEO ACCY":"N"}
It seems that the MBR Widget calls the empQs which gets its results from the Webservice at ""
(btw.. the CAcert "CAcert_UEI" was not found anywhere on my system using "find / -name CAcertUEI" -> maybe thats my problem?)

So, after a few more googeling, i found out, that Samsung is a Customer of "Universal Electronics", which probably serves all the Remotes and the whole Setup Stuff for Remote Controls...

Why do i post this long post here?
Cause there is an iOS app "Nevo" from Universal Electronics and a "BT-IR Blaster" which seems to look very close to the original castrated Samsung IR Blaster. When i try to pair app with Samsung IR Blaster, no success... (i would wonder if it would work)

But, in the Demo Mode of the App, i could add all Devices... Not only STB or BlueRay/DVD...
I could also add my Kenwood AVR (KRV-6060), made in the 90's inside the App(!!)

So... im pretty sure, if it would be possible to extend the "MBR Setup" Widget and change something (URLS, Certs?) inside the empQs, you could get the full functionality to control all devices... not only STBs and DVDs...
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