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Re: rooting report

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Sweet work guys, when will this be available to deploy on our TV's?

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Re: rooting report

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SamyGo Extensions Pack for E-series successful startet on USB-stick with telnet.
TV is UE46ES8090. Firmware is Downgraded T-ECPDEUC 1010.3 SamyGo Patched.
Some init-scripts still report errors.
UPNP to Virtual USB is working. Virtual USB is added to TVs Source Menu.

My Whishlist for SamyGo E-Series Extentions / Apps:
PVR scrambling removal.
Show automaticaly EPG Info at Channel switching.
EPG Data saving on TV shutdown and reloading on TV boot.
Activating SOAP MessageBoxService.
Best Regards

Samsung UE46ES8090 / T-ECPDEUC-2011.1 / SamyGO Extensions

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Re: rooting report

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Show automaticaly EPG Info at Channel switching.
+Timeout setting for EPG Channel Info (sec.). Current display time is much too long.

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Re: rooting report

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T-MST10PDEUC (success: verified)

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Reason: verified MST10

is this FW with telnet boot


can i use This one to make on telnet

thank you
Sorry for my English but gogole translation is poor

Model UE46ES6340-----Type 46A1AF6E
Firmware: T-mst10pdeuc-2008-----root with sammyGo widget---IPTVx plugin
Pc: Samsung NC10 Ubuntu 10.10 (Linux)
Sat:Atemio Nemisis 3xSat Hdd: 8TB Seagate Archive

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