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Re: TV=Network HUB for WIRELESS-ETH0?

Post by marcelru »

To get back to the initial question:

Isn't it just enough to compile a dhcp server for ARM, configure it, and get the job done?
The tv is then working as a local router, with some other machine connected to the outside world?
I have used this method for years (with a diskless 486 and a 56k6 serial modem), before small routers for home-use became affordable.



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Re: TV=Network HUB for WIRELESS-ETH0?

Post by juusso »

Yes, one of them: small dhcp server inside the Swiss army knife: busybox.. In example i have it on /mtd_rwarea/bin/busybox.

To get server working, some modification is needed:

1. /etc/udhcpd.conf - config file to be placed on read only area. I suggest you to add to mount --bind it from somewhere else:

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mount --bind /mtd/rwarea/etc /etc
2. Configure udhcpd.conf to set path to udhcpd.leases (default is /var/lib/misc/udhcpd.leases) and give chmod 777 for it.
3. run server manually or from script:

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/mtd_rwarea/bin/busybox udhcpd -f
-f is needed to get it on foreground.
I didn`t try to connect clients, i just checked this how-to- server starts without errors. You could play with different settings and tell us - is it working or not :)
Copy your /etc directory to /mtd_rwarea/etc and if you mount --bind it, this dir becomes read/write. Sure, you could mount --bind just required file, not whole dir.
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Re: TV=Network HUB for WIRELESS-ETH0?

Post by gchirtoaca »

Thanks! I will try this tonight when I get home.

I tried what you said, I managed to run udhcpd on TV, I can ping the IPTV box, but it doesn't start.
I don't quite understand what the udhcpd options do. Is it enough to set dns=router ip, router=router ip,subnet=
Maybe this isn't enough, because the IPTV box uses ICMP trafic, and on the router I had to specificaly allow IGMP traffic, which started igmproxy. Maybe I should do the same for TV, to enable the TV to transfer UDP/IGMP traffic?

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