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Re: Intranet@TV (widgets on LAN)

Post by arakiz » Mon May 12, 2014 4:35 pm

Dear all,

I would like to check the SamyGo widgets service.
I changed dns to
Software was installed, Spanish agreement appeared and 5 widgets can be seen.
But it is a problem to install them properly.
Therefore I tried to back to original Samsung widgets. This is not possible.
Yahoo widgets can be loaded and they work (I used PnP feature - UK).
How can I back to Samsung widgets?
I use Plug & Play, choose Others and get: Service not supported. When I choose for example Czech,
it is an agreement, software loads but finally message is seen: Database error. Widgets don't work.
What files Samy server changed and what exactly it did?
I have copy of original mtd_down.

Can someone help me?
My tv is B680, T-CHL7DEUC 2005.0 firmware.

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