F6500 - Screen Mirroring issue with resolution 1280x800

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F6500 - Screen Mirroring issue with resolution 1280x800

Post by curcuma »

I want to use Screen Mirroring with my Acer Android Tablet (Andorid 4.4.4) and F6500. The Tablet has a resolution of 1280x800. With other Tablet and resolution 1920x1080 everything works fine but not when trying to establishing connection from the Acer Tablet. The connection itself is OK (Acer and F6500 reports "connected") but when waiting that the sceen is being mirroring, nothing happened after several minutes - the screen on the F6500 is black and in the upper right corner is the message "loading" and the blue circle symbol.

Currently the following Firmware is installed: T-MST 12DEUC-1119.0, BT-S F
Is this a known issue and can it be fixed with a Firmware update?

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Re: F6500 - Screen Mirroring issue with resolution 1280x800

Post by louis »

Downgraded some time ago to T-FXP DEUC 1115..from the latest F7000 (1135 or so)
Few days ago I realised that I need Screen mirroring for some stuff. I learned how to do it but...for my 2 HTC phones (desire 816 ad U11) it didn't worked.
It worked fine with a huawei P9 lite.

Tried also with samy not started..usb stick unpluged etc..with no success

Updated again to the latest tv firmware (1135) and now...the U11 mirroring works fine...but not desire..which is an older phone.
both phones have htc connect latest version from playstore.

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