Changing the Local Country UE4600F5500

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Changing the Local Country UE4600F5500

Post by Guinnesssi »

Hi all, apologies Im pretty new to this whole scene but keen to learn.

I'm keen to change the local country to uk from Belgium (uk isn't selectable), can anyone advise what the right steps are?

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Re: Changing the Local Country UE4600F5500

Post by charliemp »

I have a UE46F6800 bought in Spain from Pixmania. My only country options were Belgium and Netherlands.
I have read on various forums about downloading WAV files to try to access service menus and other complicated tricks, but the risks of bricking the TV did not sound like it was worth it.
However I have now found that it is really easy.
All I did was:

turn off tv

press info -> menu -> mute -> power on tv

This brings up the service menu.

then under option you can change the country to UK.

When you turn the TV back on again, go to Broadcasting and under the Aerial, you should have a new option for Freesat. I had to do a retune to find the channels, but I now have the full Freesat EPG

One tip, I lost all my picture settings so if you have your picture set up just the way you want it, it may be worth noting down all the settings first to save time.

I?m sure that if you play around with other settings in the service menu it is very easy to mess up your TV, so be careful not to change anything else.

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Re: Changing the Local Country UE4600F5500

Post by pogs »

I have a similar problem with a UE32F6800SB. Bought in UK so default 'UK/Eire' which meant that when installed here in France it found all the Freesat channels (and displayed them properly on the EPG: BBC1 = 101, BBC2= 102 etc) but the DTT channels (called TNT over here) were all over the place.

On the service menu I changed the country to 'EU-France', and now the TNT channels are all in the 'right' place (TF1 = 001, FR2 = 002 etc). So far, so good: two programme guides that make sense. But having left it for a couple of weeks when I turned it back on, it looked for - and found - a software (or possibly a firmware) update and installed it. Now it thinks it's a proper French TV which means it is expecting to be fed a satellite signal from 19.2E rather than 28.2E. It finds most of the transponders I need, but - again - they're all over the place. Is there somewhere in the Service Menu I can get it to accept 28.2 again? Also it's odd that for a short time it was happy to have a UK-listed Sat tuner, and a French-listed TNT tuner : the best of both worlds, but not for long.
I note from other postings, that nobody has yet found a short-cut way of getting from one tuner to the other without 5 or 6 key-strokes. I can't believe Samy didn't think that owners might routinely want to do this. On my Sony it's 3 key-strokes, and on my Panasonic, it's 1 !

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Re: Changing the Local Country UE4600F5500

Post by Tedster »

Thanks charlieimp, I have managed to get freesat epg installed on my German UE55F5010 using your instructions. I can now schedule recordings....HAPPY DAYS

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