[App] White Raven For Rooted F Series (My Popcorn Time Alternative)

Here are software that related with Samsung F series TVs.
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Re: [App] White Raven For Rooted F Series (My Popcorn Time Alternative)

Post by Murdock » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:26 pm

BBC and other apps use javascript to communicate with their own servers. The app request a video then the server send a respond back with the direct video url that Samsung TV or other device can play.

Video hosting sites like vidto.me not work in this way. Their direct video urls is hidden because many reasons. (Revenue, direct linking, ...) + The video url is bounded with the player device's IP or/and MAC address to.
To resolve these hidden urls White Raven needs to read the website content. This is the problem because javascript can't read other websites content. (CORS)

So, a "server side" program is required. The simplets and free way is to run it on the tv itself.

Other natural ways to run the server:
Free: Run it on a PC, tablet or phone.
Paid: Run it on a webserver, vps or cloud hosting with python, golang, etc... installation. (Big bandwidth usage.)

Speculate way:
Iframe content hacking. (Almost every site block this. + Dangerous, because application can't block popup windows and if a popup is fired then the program will not respond anymore to remote keys.)

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