[ROOT] Rooting E/F on latest firmwares

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Re: [ROOT] Rooting E/F on latest firmwares

Post by Pimboli » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:52 pm


i have the same Problem as "PrinzEugen".
I have an Samsung ES7090 with 2009 Firmware. Because of Problems with the connect over sftp to my tv i choose to install samygo again.
For this, i read an howto where it says, that i Need to reset the smarthub.
Ok, i reset it and do all parts that are equal to the parts in the howto from this thread.

For now, i also see no SamyGo Icon in SmartHub.

The SmartHub is also not able to connect to Internet. Completly Nothing is working in SmartHub. I diasbled all filter in my FritzBox Router, but Nothing worked.

I´ve read About a Problem with my resetted SmartHub that for now the smarthub Version is to old to make an Internet Connection?!

What can i do, to become SamyGo back to my TV with sftp Access?!

PrinzEugen wrote:
Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:31 pm
Suddenly today i got message that i have no internet connection, i have removed usb with samygo, tried with tv rebooting, changing ip settings and ports and network cables but problem still persist. any solution, maybe firmware update ?
Also tried manually and automatic ip address but nothing.

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