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Here are software that related with Samsung F series TVs.
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Re: [App] libHideSource D/E/F/H

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Nope, no such lib.
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Hey, you're still there; reply to the most actual response from you

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because very old threads perhaps get out of sight and you don't reply to them.
I've rooted my F6500 end of 2014 with the help of your (and other) tutorial threads and files, and it's still running (samba, virtual usb, pvrtots a.o.).
For me backups of often used systems (running flawless) are a must, because something could go wrong, for example power loss during booting or similar.
So I want to backup the whole system of my tv like an image (or the most improtant file / folder structure). Is this possible?
I can see the system file / folder structure under windows with an ftp connection (anonymous; with a local static ip adress in my home network over wlan). Perhaps that what I see is not the important or whole structure!?
Also I can reach the system over telnet, over which I've set commands during setting up root and further settings.
I'm not really familiar with linux, but the tv system seems to be a kind of linux system, right?
About your answer I'd be very glad.
Best regards and very good work.
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