Problem with poweroff option

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Problem with poweroff option

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I have a problem with ue46f5700 model.

Some months ago I rooted the tv and use the 5.1 hdmi passthrough patch. All has been working well.

Now I have a problem with poweroff option. When I press power off option the tv hangs up. It doesn't respond anymore until I remove the power cable.

The firmware version is 2111. I want to try upgrade the firmware but the process doesn't work because it needs to restart the tv and when it try to shutdown, the tv hangs up too abd the process doesn't finish.

How can I manually upgrade the firmware? I want see if the problem with poweroff option persists with a update firmware.

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Re: Problem with poweroff option

Post by somar »

Same here. The TV doesn't respond for remote commands. Just phisical buttons located at back side do something, but only show the osd menu. The power off from here also not works.

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