UA50F6400 Firmware Settings Help and Downgrade

Here is information about customize your F series firmware.
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UA50F6400 Firmware Settings Help and Downgrade

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Hoping people can help me out.

I own a UA50F6400 up at my parent's place and I've never been happy with it since the most recent firmware update. Not only was the smart TV functionality constantly giving me an error message that it was updating for a minute after I turned it on, but youtube playback was starting to buffer like mad on high speed broadband, when it wasn't on my other Android devices using the same wifi network.

I was hoping to roll it back to a previous firmware option, when I came across the ability to access the Service Menu by pressing Info+Menu+Mute+Power.

When I noticed a diagnostic option, I ran it, but after several minutes, when it was hanging on 0%, I decided to turn off the power in an effort to give it a soft reset. Being a simple diagnostic, I wasn't expecting it to actually affect system settings.

However when I turned it back on, the screen was both flipped and inverted and the following error message was displayed in a window:
Please go into service mode and setup below
-Type,Local Set, Front Colour Option

(Reading that wasn't easy)

Firstly, can anyone guide me through the correct settings for these options and exactly which sub menus to find them in?

Secondly, does anyone know how to roll back the firmware to the version prior to when the software update took place?

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