1113.3 differences?

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1113.3 differences?

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Anyonw knows the differences between 1113.3 and 1112 ?

For every fw version we should list PROs and CONs.

For example in 1113.3 ARS module is not removable. Which is not a big deal but still it's something LESS and not something more than the previous fw versions.

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Re: 1113.3 differences?

Post by gbriel »

1113.3 HD quality is terrible. Do not download anyway.

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Re: 1113.3 differences?

Post by Daimonji »

How could HD quality be worse just with a software update?
Could you please give more precisions?

I red that 1117.4 US firmware is great but I don't know if you can install it on the EU version and I am also afraid it will make rooting impossible.

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Re: 1113.3 differences?

Post by Hinkel »

For me a bug is fixed on my UE55F7090 with new Firmware 1113.3 (before 1112) concerning the twin-tuner and decoding (CI+):
I had trouble when I recorded a encoded station (thru a NDS-Modul with a card from my kable-provider) and when I watched at the same time a unencoded station. I always had a indication on the screen that the CI-Slot has a problem. This indication wasn't removable and stays on screen all the time as long the PVR runs. But recording and watching other channel still working.
Now with the new firmware this indication don't occur.
Picture quality is the same as before.

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