[How To] Get root on 2013 Evolution Kit

Here is information about customize your F series firmware.

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Re: [How To] Get root on 2013 Evolution Kit

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andy127 wrote:
Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:53 pm
Hello. I have 46ES7500 + Evolution Kit SEK-1000.
Installed Samygo. Telnet and FTP worked. not mounted virtual USB.
insmod: can't insert '/mnt/lib/modules/3.0.33/kernel/drivers/usb/gadget/dummy_hcd.ko': invalid module format
insmod: can't insert '/mnt/lib/modules/3.0.33/kernel/drivers/usb/gadget/g_file_storage.ko': Device or resource busy.

I think that libraries are not from my kernel (from MST12 folder).
Those who work, give, please, for our device.
First: I cannot support at all - only give you some deatils which could help you to go further...
As it was already said: Don't expect support from moderators... But the users can still do what they want :-)

SEK-1000 has Fox-AP, Fox-MP Chip and is (afaik) F-Series - so maybe you should looks for those modules

Maybe intersesting as well: Compiling kernel modules for F series
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