Samsung 55F9000 main board compatibility

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Samsung 55F9000 main board compatibility

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I have a 55F9000 TV from Asia market. Looks like its main board is faulty. I only have audio but no video, backlight is working fine. My TV's main board has the part numbers "BN94-06576A" and "BN94-06666B". When I searched for this part, i found a main boards with part number "BN94-06576A" and "BN97-07729A" but taken from 55F9000, i believe from US market.

Can any one advice if these boards are compatible?

I also found other main boards from model 65F9000, with part number "BN94-06577A" and "BN97-07730A". Inspite of this being a 65 inch model will the main board be compatible since the LCD resolution is the same.

Look forward to your advice.

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Re: Samsung 55F9000 main board compatibility

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can you post a picture? in order to see which part number is valid
check this also..

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