Universal RC without Extender IR Cable

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Universal RC without Extender IR Cable

Post by DannyPM » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:52 pm

Today I decided to remove the IR Extender Cable from my UA46F7500 TV running the latest 1122.2 firmware. Strangely, by accident I did manage to change the channels of my SET-TOP-BOX connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. I could normally perform all the functions that I'm used to on my satellite provider's decoder even without the IR Extender Cable.
Is there any reasonable explanation for this phenomenon?


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Re: Universal RC without Extender IR Cable

Post by krizko » Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:20 pm

I have same experience with my 46F6400 and STB (it is labeled as T-Home Media Receiver 300, but it is Motorola VIP1616e). Samsung Smart remote was fully functional even without the original IR extender cable, I was able to switch on/off the STB, change channels, show EPG etc.

BUT - last week I have purchased a new yamaha AV receiver and with the goal to make a new (fresh) setup I disconnected every piece from my audio-video equipment (power cables, hdmi cables from my TV, STB, old AVR, Bluray). Long story short - at the end I have lost the ability to control STB with the Samsung smart remote, even with the IR extender cable (TV and STB are connected with the same cable in the same way). I tried almost every possible configuration, but with no luck. I will try to reset the TV, maybe it helps.

So my lesson from this story is - never change a working configuration. I really dont know, how it was possible that I was able to control STB with the Samsung remote even without the IR extender, but it worked.

(Sorry for possible language mistakes, I am not an English native)

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