Need help! play PVR files on PC [UE32F6470]

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Need help! play PVR files on PC [UE32F6470]

Post by NapTime »

First off I have to say ... this here is a mess and for the love of god I can't find my way around here. I constantly running in missing or outdated information and have no clue what I have to do.

I just try to play back my PVR files made by my TV on my computer (and maybe cut them)

BTW the FW version is 1033, Data Ver 0037

The way I understand it I have to root the TV to get the key to decrypt the PVR files.
The way to root it is:
I used the unziped files from InstallSamygo_1_1_F.rar and and launched the "Install SamyGO-F" Every step was marked with an ok and then I was told to restart it.
I tested the access via telnet .... and got no access.
I tried to use DeSTRoi 1.3.1 which fails since I don't have the key
I tried to use SamyGO PVR which doesn't find a TV.
I tried to set it up manually but it still doesn't connect to the TV (which I have assigned a fixed IP in my DCHP)

I retried everything above with SamyGO-Auto-100714 applied to the USB drive.

Still no success. from which I guess the rooting didn't worked.

I still have no clue what to do. Please help me with a manual for dummies.

edit: I have the apps RestoreSmG and SamyGo-F(Uninstall) since first running the install
edit 2: the only change .. aside the 2 apps ... I recognized is that streams with a 4:3 AR now where set to be stretched to 16:9 (previously they where set to keep AR), I changed it back... but every time I run the installer it does that

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Re: Need help! play PVR files on PC [UE32F6470]

Post by edytibi »

If you have no telnet access I suppose you have no root.FTP to TV (port 21) is working?Better try another root method from donor section.
I used SamyGO Skype version + PVR Decoder by LordByte.Now I use the method from donor section + NoDRM lib + PVR Any Dev - so I can record the shows unencrypted (TransportStream) on a NTFS patition.
UE32F6400 firmware 1113 here.

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Re: Need help! play PVR files on PC [UE32F6470]

Post by zoelechat »

I don't think 1033 is correct firmware number. Nothing below 1100 on F-MST iirc :)
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