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Source switching

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I have a problem with tv switching source of amplituner. Sat receiver is connected to an amplituner and amp is connected into HDMI 3 (ARC) in my UE55F7000. Now, when I power on, all devices are switched on in last source used, in particular CBL/SAT on amp and HDMI 3 on TV, picture and sound shows up and for a few seconds all its OK but after a short while TV is sending a signal to change source on amp, so it changes it's source to TV and both sound and picture are gone. I have to select TV on TV remote and back to HDMI3 to start watching.

I am writing that this is a TV problem because if I switch ANynet+ off in TV menu it all works normal, except I cannot use only one remote controller to change source on both TV and amp anymore.

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Re: Source switching

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I have the same Issue. Now I'm thinking of Using a Coaxial or Fiberglas connection to my AMP. Because I don't need CEC to controll my Devices. I bought a Logitech Harmony Remote witch is awsome.

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