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Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:37 pm
by Johnny
There is Menu->System->General, but not these both options!?

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:19 pm
by Johnny
More info:
The red LED blinks 3 times when the TV starts.
The time is always 8:15 p.m., at least if the TV is off the whole day.

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:36 pm
by Hagi10
Hello Johnny,

did you find any solution? I have the same problem With my Samsung F8005. exactly the same problem. I had some fault searching With Samsung 2.line support. we found out that it isnt my decoder at HDMI or the ir blaster. but we couldnt find out why this happends.

the indication is meaning that the tv is trying to find update. but as you i have turned off all auto updates, even smarthub and i dont have any apps installed. i think it have to be anything at the service menu, the menu we shouldnt do anything With.

i have send a email to a service technician to hear if he got some ideas.

I also think that Samsung should have some logging function in the service menu for the techinicians so they could see if it is any fault codes.

i bought my tv last summer and found this problem a couple of month later. it happens between 16.00-18.00 but latley this weekend it happend at 1300 a clock.

if you have any solution i would be very thankfull to hear it. it isnt any wrong With the tv but i want know the reason and stop it:-).

best regards,

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:16 pm
by Johnny
I already chatted with the Samsung support. Even a technician called me back to check my TV remotely.

Their advices were:
- unplug all cables
- make sure that nothing is reflecting to the TV
- try TV on a single power socket
- disable firmware "Updates" in the ordinary menu
Everything done, NO success!!

Later a technician called me, I told him a number shown on TV (somewhere in the menu) and he checked the settings in the ordinary menu. He had no access to advanced service menu. -> Of course, no help was possible by him.

BUT one advice seem to change this behaviour! I use the TV with CI+ module and paid smartcard. ( :arrow: @Hagi10 - do you have a CI?) To unplug this the module and replug it seem to change the behaviour! - At least my TV does not start at the mentioned (see above) time anymore. But I am not sure, if it now "starts" at a time when I am usually at work.

Besides, I think it could be possible that disabling OTN in the service menu could initiate the TV to start itself to check for firmwares or CI+ updates. But actually disabling OTN should prevent the TV from checking for firmware, according to several threads in this forum. - But the CI+ modul might (not proven!!) be affected by OTN changes.

Anyway, it is hard to find out because a day is long to be sure!

At least the TV itself and SamyGo cannot be blamed! The TV works well but started even after removing SamyGo and after a firmware upgrade :!:

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:22 pm
by Hagi10
no i dont use CI+ module and I dont think that could be the reason, because i dont use it and i have same symptoms as you. One thing i did yesterday was to disable time to manually in "General".

Usually this symptoms start between 1600-1800 a clock, and im like you working from 8-16 so i dont know if it is happening from 08-16. But this to days i have been home(vacation:-))..and the same thing happend 1300 a clock both days. today nothing happend at 130, but i dont know if it happend anything between 16-18 i wasnt home..but the thing is, it was some time when i thougt everything was ok, because the symptoms was gone in to weeks and suddenly it happend again. that time i thought it was because the network cable which was changed.

before i had tv Connection like this:

router(modem) to Wireless router. From wifi ruter i used network cable to TV. Then i had HDMI to TV from cable TV and IR blaster followed the Samsung tv.

The first thing we did was to change wifi router, and of course i had disabled TV firmware update, smart hub update to manually, and everything else on the menu that could get signal to OFF. Smartfunctions was OFF, like sound and move detection. None apps was installed, batteri to Remote controll was changed and pointed opposite to tv. No apps installed to any smart phone etc because DLNA. I have also done that factory settings ( you know when tv is in standby press info button mute button etc and then factory settings.

After several test we thought it was the network cable, i bought cat6 cable, for two-three weeks everything was ok, from 1600-1800. if it now "starts" at a time when I am usually at work i dont know.

So I bought a New wifi routher dual band. So know i have only HDMI cable and IR blaster Connected to TV and the internect Connection is throw wifi 5Ghz.

But still the same problem, Samsung 2.line support said that the indication is that the tv is trying to update and the thougt it could be tce cable tv throw hdmi could be the reason. First the did something at the service menu but it didnt help, then i unplugged hdmi and IR blaster and that didnt help.

yesterday as i told you i changed time setting to manual, today at 1300 nothing happend but as i said it that doesnt mean its okey, i have to check for a month or so then we`ll see..

the tv is working fine, but it shouldnt behave like that...and Samsung should know why it is doing like that..they should have debug logging at the service menu With error codes so they could find out.

probably it is something in the service menu/ firmware...aka bug! when tv is at standby the only thing that could be doing this is update firmware or WakeUpLan, but my routher doesnt do that, and Samsung tv doesnt have WakeupLAN.

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:07 am
by Hagi10
it looks like it Works..but for sure i have to wait a couple of weeks..could you try it to?

Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:03 pm
by Johnny
Last evening, my TV did not start. It is really tricky to be completely sure! Maybe the most people do not recognize this issue.

The ordinary hotlines give their best, but the real "makers" from China do not lift their real secrets. Therefore a logfile might be impossible for the technicians on hotlines. But with this strategy nobody else knows what Samsung can really spy from customers.

Anyway, I set the time sync to manual and try your hint! - As soon as the TV starts some time again, I will post it on this place!

Thank you for your efforts!

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:19 pm
by Hagi10
nope, that didnt help 17.17 it happened again unfortunately:-(. Samsung should know why the tv is doing this!!!!

Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:14 pm
by Johnny
In these cases I hope a firmware upgrade might solve problems like this. But details about upgrades are always secret and could destroy the root. But 1240 is safe to try it!

Another idea could be to enable OTN again for testing. Maybe Samsung checks TVs without OTN (just a suggestion!).

The very last idea would be an email to China. As I said, the global Samsung support has not so detailed information and skills like the "makers".

Re: Samsung F8090 - starts itself in the evening

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:16 pm
by Hagi10
its guarantee a bug in firmware! the behavior indicates that it will upgrade according samsung 2nd line support, the problem is that Upgrade in standby is disabled. what do you mean 1240? the latest firmware Version is 1124.0. do you have an email adresse to Samsung chine?:-)..i agree Samsung support had not detailed information, not even in the service menu, which they should have! this is actually ridiculous that they dont know how to solve this. if i order a service, the technician will not find any problem, and i doubt that they are experts, and that they can everything in the servicemenu, they will just change the mainboard, and i have to be at home(which i cant beacuse of work)..i bet its a bug..