F8090 (rooted) ? disable parental control PIN request

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F8090 (rooted) ? disable parental control PIN request

Post by Johnny »

In my country the TV channels send with certain broadcasts a pin request. So adults have to enter every time a four digit pin to watch these broadcasts. - The idea is, to protect children from watching movies without entering this secret pin.

My CI+ module comes from a local cable provider. CI-card and module are ?married?, I think. Within the menu of the CI+, I can select the ages 12 and 16, but there is no option to disable the pin request.

In the menu of the Samsung TV there is an option, too. It seems that there can the pin be stored permanently. But the TV says it cannot store my pin (maybe the CI+ blocks this option).

Is there a possibility to disable the pin anyhow, e. g. in the (advanced) service menu or with a trick in the root :?:

Thank you.

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Re: F8090 (rooted) ? disable parental control PIN request

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I am also very interested in this question. I have got an UE55H6270.

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