Dvb subtitles support on internal video player

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Dvb subtitles support on internal video player

Post by bobiturboto »

Can we have support on that, allow mine iptv channels (ts container) are with subtitles but samsung video player doesn't support them. With xbmc I can play them. From the app more channels In can see info about the subtitles so they are recognized but their support is not implemented into the player.

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Re: Dvb subtitles support on internal video player

Post by Rezik »

Oh, this is what I would need on D series, I did various tests and while it kinda detects it in the .TS (need activated SamyGO widget to play TS in videoplayer) there is the subtitle button that appears to turn on or off, but no subs are rendered.

However, a few key channels have BAKED-IN subtitles from video source - something I didn't bother to check so I thought that it was working and didn't understand why only that video LOL! Well, at least we go subs anyway so I could call it problem solved, but really DVBSUB isn't working.

I'll keep doing more tests with remuxed MPEGTS with ffmpeg, maybe there's a trick I might uncover. I tried MKV with subs, nothing.

I kept searching for a thread around here, nothing, I then super accidentially found it from a search engine elsewhere, when I wasn't even looking, at least.

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