Enabling PVR / DVR in the USA on Samsung H series smart TVs

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Enabling PVR / DVR in the USA on Samsung H series smart TVs

Post by ben446 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:49 am

Many Samsung TVs have a built in PVR that is disabled in the USA. Here are the steps to enable it.

First off there are two ‘region’ setting for the TV. One is for the Samsung hub app store and the second is for the TV itself. People change the hub region to access apps not available in their country. People in North America change the TV region to enable PVR functionality. If you are in the USA and just want to use the TV as a DVR, you do not have to change the hub region. Note that you cannot set the PVR to record a series and the interface to access the recordings is a file system.

To follow are the direction to change both regions for H series Samsung TVs. There are other ways to do both but after spending way too much time trying different methods, these seemed to be the easiest.

To change the ‘region’ setting for the TV so you can us it as a DVR / PVR you need to use the tv’s advanced service menu

(Caution – you can brick the TV if you mess with the wrong settings – proceed at your own risk)

Here is the method I used.

To access the advanced service menu

You need to buy SmartTv Service Remote Control $1.99 google play store. You can get a refund if it doesn’t work (or if you don’t want to keep it) ( I am in no way associated with it)

I used it on a HTC m8 (phone)

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... tvrc&hl=en


Turn on TV and make sure it is on source TV

Start the above app on the phone

Press Info on regular TV remote then factory on the app

expanded service menu will open

Under “Option” (Pic1)

Change "Model" from H6400 to H6500 (Pic2)

Change “Local Set" to carrib

Under MRT Option

Turn OTN Support: OFF (stops software update) (Pic3)

Num of PVR RECORD: 1

PVR Support: ON (will be on after change to 6500 above)

Use ‘return’ button on Reg TV remote to go to previous menu

When done hit factory reset. TV will turn off / restart. (Pic2)

Go through TV set up, You will need to be connected to the internet (have WiFi info handy)

To change Smart Hub region see below*

After setup is complete

Turn off motion plus (this makes picture not look like a soap opera)

TV menu / picture / picture options / Auto Motion Plus / off (Pic4 and Pic5)

Reset favorite channels.

Plug in usb HD

Try to record show (press button with little red dot on remote)

Format drive as asked by tv (everything on drive will be erased) (I don’t think this drive can be used or accessed anywhere else without reformatting again)

To find shows recorded: launch hub, media content, usb device, folder, see show you recorded

(This interface is terrible and will make you want to get a Tivo instead )

Or change input to usb

The End -

Notes: There is a service menu and an advanced service menu. You need the advanced service menu. There is no way I could find to launch the advanced service menu from the regular TV remote. I also could not find any other android apps that worked. You can order an actual service remote from ebay. There are other ways to get into the service menu but they were too technical for me. You can begin that odyssey here:


I also found that there were no SmartTv Service Remote Control apk download links that worked outside of the google play store. I know $2 is allot of money but the app will save you many hours ( and is refundable) All of the above info was gleaned from the web. (most from this site) A special thanks to all the PVR pioneers out there.

* To change Smart Hub region

During smart hub setup, stop at license

Uncheck agree box if checked

Use the below to access region menu. Press one at a time on the reg tv remote

Mute Return Vol+ Channel up Mute

choose United Kingdom (HBO Go will only load if USA is chosen)

finish setup.

The end - again.

Pics run 5-1 from top to bottom
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Re: Enabling PVR / DVR in the USA on Samsung H series smart TVs

Post by joball70 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:02 am

Awesome Man....It worked!!! Thank very much for posting this. I gave up, about a year ago, trying to figure this out. But in last few days, came upon your post!! Works great recording the samsung tv tuner for antenna hd. Too bad it can't PVR high def cable dtv channels tho...lol Thanks again!!

Btw...what happens if i select 2, instead of 1, on "num of pvr record"??

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