55HU7500 strange problem tuning UHD cable

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55HU7500 strange problem tuning UHD cable

Post by asiersan » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:39 pm

Hi, im trying to tune an UHD channel with the DVB-c tunner. Months ago i tried with sat tunner and all is ok, but now my provider is including UHD channels, and when i do a channel search, or i try manually to tune the transponder the cvhannel is not tuned.

I try with another K series full HD tv in same cable and the channel is tunned but not displaied of course because is Full HD, but not with this H series or another F series.

I think it my be a transponder list issue because other channels that are in same transponder but with other Sr are tunned.

Is any file to modify this transponder files, or add options???
Is there a posibility to add this channel manualy to a chanell list or a file???

Thanks in advance

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