help a noob *samsung volume control

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help a noob *samsung volume control

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I have now almost a week since I'm looking through this forum with no success, I thought I can handle this kind of techie stuff but I must admit I'm a total let's explain:

- I have an old Samsung u40h6200 , firmware T-MTS14DEUC-2900.0
- I have a suround system with an dolby decoder, everything working fine through audio optic connection
- As a lot people already advised here, I cannot use my Samsung tv remote to change volume due to Samsung restrictions on 3rd party manufactures
- I've seen something like libSPDIFvolume around here that may fix this issue..

Now the actual problems:
- how I get this installed, what are the steps for an idiot to follow so I can get this fixed without changing the TV or the sound system ( I like my TV too much to get rid of it and change it just for this issue).

please help ! :(

ps: sorry for repost, I've seen so many but I get more and more confused.

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