Real solution to UnBrick series H

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Real solution to UnBrick series H

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Looks like no body has answer to this dilema.
Well let me tell you my experience trying reset the EEPROM on series H
I have a 65hu8700 viejita pero bonita
Afeter 2 main mother boards.
At the first I was looking for the ic hrs just to discover it is under the head sink at this point I have already reset like 3 chips believing was the right.
So I was looking for the schematis everywhere but not luck finally discover you can get from s@m$ung for $10 a usb and service
Manual included. COMO .!!!!
But wait is not that easy don’t sell it for download the usb has to be shipped obviously fees applies. & took forever to be shipped
At 2do one get it from eBay for $50buks well I tough it going be just plug and play cause the description said was pulled from working tv with broken screen. Exactly same model . Mada Flaka hijo de putttttt...... the board wasn’t working.
After dismounting the head sink that was a bit difficult I just discover resetting the IC did not work neither
With ground and sda or vcc & ccl well even injecting 220v To that mf work... well the last was just to do this less tedious.

So finally I said fck s@m$ung and their stupid usb that took like a month to delivery and the all videos and tutorials of ((samsung Black screen of dead) solutionS)) mis pelotas
I was a bottle of beer to throw away the pinche tv when on the heat of a joke a friend told me : no seas pendejo ya buscaste en páginas en español y por la madre del hijo de la asquerosa madre patria. Que tanto odio por rateros, violadores y por cambiar espejitos por oro.!

I found the fucking schematics on a Brazilian site I don’t know if I can post the link but dude that site has 100000 of manuals repairs, schematics solo les falta ofrecer viejas y unas chelas.

Ok mi solución fue make a jump on the reset stm at the main board wtf .... yes that was it
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