UE40H5570 HEVC/H.265 and DVB-T2

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UE40H5570 HEVC/H.265 and DVB-T2

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Hi all,
UE40H5570 does support HEVC/H.265 codec, but tuner instaled is type TCS2 (BN40-00292B, GTCS2X-33S/K3-FWS)
As exist H models with support for DVB-T2, does enybody know if does exist any compatible tuner type T2CS2 from H or later series which could be instaled in this tv set so it can tune up and play channels in new standard DVB-T2 HEVC/H.265?

Well, set-top box is surelly the option, but if costs of tuner replacement is about the same as for set-top box, new tuner would be better way for me. Similar projects already exist, I guess this could work here too ;)




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