EU55H6650 problem with root

Here is information about customize your H series firmware.
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EU55H6650 problem with root

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Hello guys, very urgent question. 1 month ago I bought EU55H6650 with firmware T-MST14DEUC-2115.3, I disabled OTN support ASAP because I was going to root it.


Unfortunately, before I was able to root my new TV I had to replace display under Samsung warranty because of broken display frame (frame and display panel integrated so frame only replacement was impossible).


When I got TV back from service with replaced display, I found out that my TV model is visible in service menu and MENU->SUPPORT->CONTACT SAMSUNG as EU55H6600 instead on EU55H6650 as it is stated on back label and I had to pair again my 2nd remote via Bluetooth because only Power button was working (via IR).


I called Samsung service and informed them about it, they told me that correct display panel has been installed but there is one more change needed in extended service menu. Today service guy was in my house and changed in extended service menu one option: BOM Model from 6600 to 6650 and it worked, now TV model is displayed correctly.


BUT unfortunately!!!!! After technician left I powered off and powered on TV and info appeared on upper screen stating that TV has been upgraded to version 2790.1.


OMFG, WTF, I disabled OTN support at the begining and during whole month I was using TV there was not a single update. Now after this single change, when I go to service menu I see T-MST14DEUC-2790.1 and as fas as I know rooting method works only to version 2781 on this models :-(
I am so angry on myself but I just couldn't predict that changing one option in Service menu will reenable OTN support again. I unplugged network cable ASAP after I saw upgrade message and disabled 'OTN support' again but I am affraid it is too late now ;-(

Could you tell me if anybody here still works on rooting H series up to 2790 firmware version and will it be possible in near future or this project is over and nothing can be done? If so I will try to sell this TV and probably buy H7000 series model with appriopriate firmware or maybe just some Linux STB ;|

I was going to donate to forum for your great job and for root method but now I am very confused ;(

Please respond.
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Re: EU55H6650 problem with root

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Work in progress, no deadline. Up-to-date infos here as usual: Warning : Firmware upgrade and root E/F/H
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