Is rooting using Skype method still possible?

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Is rooting using Skype method still possible?

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Hello guys,

as you know, since June 2016, there is no possibility to have Skype in SmartHub because of Microsoft policies.
My question, strangely noone asked it before - is it possible to root Samsung TV model H using Skype root method if there is no skype available?
I would like to get access for this method, I got OTA and OTN off in service menu, firmware T-MST14DEUC-2116 version, TV model: UE55H6650.
But before I will donate I need to know if this root method will work for me.

1.) Is there any method to install Skype via USB? If so, would it allow to root normally?
2.) Is there any other root method for this firmware and model?

Please respond,

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Re: Is rooting using Skype method still possible?

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Firmware version is OK and you'll be able to choose root method ("Skype without Skype" one, and another).
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