Hu8500 problems to upgrade sek-2500 to Sek-3500

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Hu8500 problems to upgrade sek-2500 to Sek-3500

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Hello everyone. After a long time trying to solve my problems, I have decided to ask for help. To see if any of you can guide me, I place you:

I live in Spain. I have a UE65HU8500TXXH of the year 2014 (curved model). Looking and looking at the forums, I realized that my kit was the sek-2500u (or so I hope), but I'm almost 100% sure to see photos on the net. I decided to switch to the sek-3500u, as I live in Spain, I saw that the sek-.3500u / xc was needed. After much searching, I bought it in the UK and had a company send it to my address. My problems began here. I did everything necessary to perform the migration, check the latest version of the software, make a backup of the current evolution kit and install the new kit. When the sek-3500u is connected, the TV screen goes black and the power LED blinks constantly.

Looking, looking I saw that my local set was not informed, did not even appear as an option, so thanks to a harmony 650 I accessed the hidden menu of samsung. Once the menu was unlocked, I informed the local set of the EU-SPAIN value (I have also tested with EU_UK) and it continues to do the same. When I saw that nothing worked, I decided that maybe it was firmware problem (the last version installed was 1380.6) so I chose to reboot the firmware starting with version 0000 and later updating to 1230, also did not give any positive result.

I opted for the firmware upgrade online and, again, downloaded and installed version 1380.6. I decided to do the whole migration process again with the same result: black screen and LED blinking.

I do not know what to do .... any suggestions?

The current parameters that I have in the service menu are:

Type: 65A1UU9RH
Local Set EU_SPAIN
SW Model UHU8500CV
Tuner D_T2CS2
Ch Table None

I am desperate, I do not know if it is a problem of the new sek-3500u / xc or where I can have the wrong parameter that does not allow me to perform the kit update.

Finally, as a desperate measure, I dismantled my current sek-2500u (since all the problems started with the typical fan problems) and saw a insert inside that put JS9000 or something similar (I do not know if that can Help in something).

Any idea will be welcome, now I have disabled in the sek-2500 the fan check ok, so I can watch tv without problems, but I would like to be able to enjoy the sek-3500 with its new HDR enhancements and so and ...

Thanks everyone for your help.

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