Samsung UE48H6400's firmware in UA48H6400

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Samsung UE48H6400's firmware in UA48H6400

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hello everybode, so i have been planning on flashing my tv (Ua48H6400) for a couple of days. Today i searched for the firmware on the internet and on the official samsung website, i found that the last update of my tv's firmware was released in 2017 but the last update of UE48H6400 was in 2018 . i searched online and found that the only difference between the two was that the UA model was made for asia and the UE model was made for europe. So, can i flash my asian model with european model's firmware?

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Re: Samsung UE48H6400's firmware in UA48H6400

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No. You can not. Normaly tv won't accept firmware for different region. It will say no software update found on your usb.
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