EU65H8000 curved 1080i /p flicker

Here is information about customize your H series firmware.
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EU65H8000 curved 1080i /p flicker

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I have the horrendous flash/flicker when freeview HD changes from 1080p to 1080i and vice versa. Funny enough we only noticed it when the firmware updated to 1400 last year .After months of rubbish from Samsung support I used the resources from here to downgrade to 0000 and have tried versions,1240 ,1290,1320 and the most recent 1400 all give the same result .1230 refused to load so couldn't try that .
I wonder if some one could take a paypal gift from me and donate with BTC on my behalf to access other versions of firmware to try .
I have successfully blocked updates at my router .I don't want root I just want to stop the dam flickering surely theres a firmware that's good for it .
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