un50ju650df power issues

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un50ju650df power issues

Post by badwolf »

I just got this TV used and I think it has a power supply issue but need some help to figure it out.

Firstly, if I plug it in like normal then it will power on and off repeatedly. No logo or anything just the red light going off and the backlight coming on for a split second.

I did some digging and thought I might have a capacitor issue so I started taking it apart and looking at it. After not seeing a capacitor that was obviously bad I started to research more. I found someone who said that you could unplug the main board and see if the backlight stays on to test the power supply. I did that and the screen kept flashing the backlight.

After that I decided to unplug both the screen and main board. The power supply didn't sound like it was going on and off anymore so I plugged the screen and main board back in. The blue light on the board (that was flashing with the screen) flashed once then came on solid. I was then able to power the TV on like normal.

Then when I tried to go into any of the apps it went black then started cycling the power again. I can force it on by unplugging the main board and screen then plugging them back in with the power connected but can't do anything else without it going back to cycling.

I'm thinking I need a new power supply but was hoping to get some more advice from someone more experienced. Maybe a certain capacitor that doesn't look bad but could be replaced or something. Any help is greatly appreciated. I also will attach pictures of the power supply in case anyone might be able to spot something I didn't see.ImageImage

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Re: un50ju650df power issues

Post by juusso »

Hi, any news? As you understood, nobody knows advice. But your experience might help others.
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