Debug code 011208

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Debug code 011208

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Could someone write me what does it mean:
debug code 011208 in SamyGOPRVdecoder ?
Sasmung seria H, Windows 8.1
SamyGOPRV shows that recieves full file but when i check the file, the movie is not the full, there is no end part of movie.
SamyGOPRV shows debug code 011208

and i have to start process from the beginig.
I have this problem with files biger than 10GB,
With smaler files is OK.
But with bigger files sometimes is going OK but sometimes it's very hard to recieve the file.
Last time file bigger than 15GB I was able to download to my computer after 20 try.

And now i dont't know why sometimes is OK and sometimes is going like that.
But always when program doesn't download full movie show that debug code 011208
It is very frustrating, and I waste of time.
Could anybody help me, or may be someone had similar problem


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