Samsung ue55h6410 problem

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Samsung ue55h6410 problem

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I have a samsung ue55h6410 tv. I had some tuner problem. I cant find all dvb-t channels. Then I saw that I can only choose Ostereich, Germany och Schweiz in the country section. So I thought this was the problem. I found how to change the region in the service menu and now I can choose Sweden as a country on the tv. The same tuner problem exist. I get 0% signal strength on certain frequences. But after I changed the region in service menu a now problem occured. When I check on about tv information there is wrong model nr. Its the wrong model type in the service menu aswell. And I cant find the correct model type in the service menu either. I tryed to change to another model type and then the picture went upside down on the tv. I managed to get it back in correct order but I still have wrong model type....

Anyone nows how to fix this? Do I need to change anything under tuner in the service menu to fic my tuner problem?

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Re: Samsung ue55h6410 problem

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As you do not know of model/type was set correctly before you started to change service menu options, then advice is first to ask for service menu default values from another users with same tv model and then compare it to yours. This not necessary will solve your tv runner issue. Sometimes SM settings are weird even on well operating TV's.
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