rooting for my Samsung UE48H8000SZXZT

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rooting for my Samsung UE48H8000SZXZT

Post by itajackass » Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:11 pm

Hi at all i'm new on forum.
I tried to read some info about my TV but i'm not sure about what I read (sorry for my english) so I need to do the question probably asked already 1.000.000 times....
My UE48H8000 SZXZT (from Italy) with latest firmware T-GFPDEUC_1400.1 is rootable?

I read about disabling AUT. UPDATES....for me it will be TV is too old... no more updates going to coming up ... I think!

But i want to be sure I can still using web app like Youtube, netflix etc... is it ok?
Any chance for my tv?
Thank you

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