UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

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UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by vanabout »

Cannot get service menu to appear. Anybody :)

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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by AirMurdock »

I am lucky enough to have just purchased a UN78HU9000F - the big daddy TV - and it's really impressive. I have read through a bunch of other forums and found service menu codes for Samsung, and have tried them all with no success. Along with the previous poster, I am also hoping someone will be able to let us know how to access the internal info (service menu) on the HU9000 series.

Here is what I have already tried (with no success):
  • - POWER (off) INFO MENU MUTE POWER (on) --> Service Menu
    - POWER (off) MUTE 1 8 2 POWER (on) --> Service Menu (older models)
    - MUTE 7 3 7 OK --> "PDPFactory"
Now having said the above, the remote I am using for the above key sequences is the SHAW Cable universal remote. This is because the HU9000 does NOT ship with the Samsung traditional remote (the one with a numberpad on it) - the HU9000 tv only comes with the tiny "Smart Wand" remote - which does not have number buttons, nor does it have an INFO button on it.

Is there anyone who ACTUALLY OWNS an HU9000 series TV that has successfully made it into the service menus?

Ultimately, the only thing I am hoping to see in there is how many hours my TV has been running (I think this is called the "MRT" value) so I can know with certainty that this is indeed a NEW tv, and not a used Floor Demo model that had been blazing away in the store for many hours previously.

It would be perfect if I could find out how to generate THIS menu: ... t22360186

But as I just said, that combo (MUTE 7 3 7 OK) does nothing on the HU9000.

Thanks again in advance, any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by AirMurdock »

QUESTION SOLVED - HU9000 Service Menu

Ok, so I have pretty much answered my own question.

Anyone living in the USA will likely not have this problem, as the HU9000 tv's come packaged with 2 remotes - both the little "Smart Wand" remote, as well as the long rectangle traditional Samsung remote.

Anyone living in Canada will face the problem I did, of being unable to access the service menu - because in Canada (for whatever silly reason) the HU9000 only comes packaged with the little Smart Wand remote. Thus - I was unable to access the service menus because the codes don't work on any other universal remotes - you need an original Samsung remote (the long rectangle with the numberpad on it). So after borrowing one of those Samsung remotes - I was able to enter the service menu with this sequence:

- POWER (off) MUTE 1 8 2 POWER (on) --> Service Menu

From there, scroll down to SVC, enter, then SVC Info, enter - then success - my Panel Display Time, recorded in minutes. It only seems to register in increments of 10 minutes (ie: Mine showed 3250 minutes = about 54 hours). After being on for a few more minutes - it still showed 3250, and I started to fear that it was not giving an accurate total. A few minutes later, it updated to 3260 - then 3270, and so on - so it reads your total panel display time in increments of 10 minutes. MYSTERY SOLVED!!! What a relief.

So there you have it - you just need to use an original Samsung remote, the model of remote for the HU9000 series I have linked below: ... N78HU9000F

Hope this helps someone else out there.
Cheers all,

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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by sectroyer »

Remember to disable OTN Support ASAP :)
I do NOT support "latest fw" at ALL. If you have one you should block updates on router and wait for it to STOP being "latest":)
If you want me to help you please paste FULL log(s) to "spoiler"/"code" bbcodes or provide link(s) to pasted file(s) on Otherwise "NO HELP"!!!
If you want root DISABLE internet access to your device!!!!

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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by RocketmanTT »

Hi AirMurdock,

Like you I have an UN55HU9000F and struggle to enter the service menu.
I do have the US version so the remote isn't an issue.

However, my set was upgraded from day 1 since it had internet connectivity.
So now I'm wondering if the upgrade would've disabled it or maybe some now button sequence exists.

Current version is 1130.

If anyone has any ideas I'm open.


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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by Borygo77 »

Sims like AirMurdock is not going to answer your question ;) this lad was only active for 6 days in April 2015 :P

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Did you tried all keys combinations from first post?
48HU7500 1008 - half rooted by mihd :P

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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by RocketmanTT »

I tried them all.
Actually I finally succeeded today with MUTE,182,POWER.
I had no choice in upgrading to official Samsung firmware 1350.1 to make the TV stable.

So now I'm monitoring it to see if it holds.

Once it does maybe I'll try rooting it if it's at all possible at this stage.

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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by Mitchvaters »

Ok. I have found the solution some may be looking for. The issue with some of these tvs, like mine, is that the little remote it came with functions on bluetooth only as well as the keyboard it came with. The mute 1 2 8 power command needs to be received by the tv using an infrared remote. The problem with some infrared universal remotes like my telus box remote is that the number buttons dont even emit a pulse when pushed until the tv is on. The only way i was able to enter the service menu was to use 2 different remotes. One for the mute and power button presses and another for the numbers. It worked like a charm on my samsung smart tv. There was no one remote that worked. Sometimes the best indication is the little led on your universal remote that blinks when you push a button. If thats blinking it should be putting out an infrared pulse. The only reason i was able to make sure my button pushes were actually being emitted from the remote is cause i have an infrared activated powerbar that has s light on it that blinks anytime it sees any kind of infrared light. If you have any questions ill gladly help!!

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Re: UA55HU9000 Service Menu ?

Post by pedro1kalil »

if i enable bluetooth on mine (Disabled by default), will i have to disable OTA and stuff?

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