LN52A750 uPNP vUSB question

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Re: LN52A750 uPNP vUSB question

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colemickens wrote:Hi. I have MediaTomb transcoding all of my content so that the TV will accept it.

Unfortunately, it refuses to allow me to FF or REW through my content. I was hoping to use a Samygo extension to enable this, either by forcing the RR/FW to be available, or by using djmount to mount my DLNA share virtually inside a USB drive.

Also unfortunately, it seems my model may not be supported. Is there risk associated in trying to run just the extension pack on my TV? Will that potentially hurt it? And really, more importantly, is there any point in trying on the A750 at all?

Thanks for any advice.
tv has T-RBYAUSC firmware?
some boot logs?
kernel version string?

maybe it's compatible with T-SPHAUSC based machines (http://sourceforge.net/projects/samygo/ ... s%20Packs/)


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