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Autobright (sh)

Post by tom_van »

Hi all,

if you don't like that TV picture is too dark in sunny day and too bright during the night check Autobright application.

Application runs on models with local dimming LE..A956 and LE..A756, T-RBYDEUC-1013.1 firmware with launcher-sh_1.1 and requires an external sensor

Download application from ... lications/

Unpack zip archive to USB flash disk. Insert to TV, press CONTENT, RED button and select Autobright from Game menu.
Following setup screen is shown:
You can set backlight intensity for 5 levels of ambient light. A green arrow is animated on each sensor data read and points to actual point in conversion graph.

After Save & Exit by pressing BLUE button, library regulates backlight.

If you want autobright to load at TV startup, add line

Code: Select all
to /mtd_rwarea/libso.autoload

Sources are in svn: oe/branches/branch-0-0-1/oe/packages/autobright


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Re: Autobright (sh)

Post by juusso »

That's great! I hope Erdem releases his schematics soon and we get it on B series as well. :-)
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Re: Autobright (sh)

Post by erdem_ua »

Who has time to draw schematics? :-)

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