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Hello guyz, I'm new here and i was wondering if i could get some help. I've read all the documentation on the wiki pages, but i still have some questions.

I can't confirm that my TV(LE32A558P3F) is compatible with the SamyGo hacks, since in the compatibility list starts with LExxA676. Is the hack plausible on my tv or is the tv too old?
Is this the way i can backup my tv's current firmware, or does it correspond only to newer tv?
Also in the service menu of my tv firmware is listed as:

Can someone explain why are 3 different names listed? Is the first the main firmware and the other 2 peripherial firmware?Searching through the TV's datasheet i found that i has about 3-4 roms. Also i read that PRL firmware is the same as AMB. What's the difference region or sth?

Finally :p, in the wiki pages its mentioned that if somebody is clever enough he should disable the watchdog timer and also enable debugging. Why should the watchdog timer be disabled?

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