White Image after messing up in the Service Menu

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White Image after messing up in the Service Menu

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Good morning, yesterday I had replaced my Main Menu Board , because it wasnt working any more.

With the new menu board the tv started working again, but the image was solarized, so I went to the Service Menu and change the Options in Panel Option, In the option byte menu.
The problem was, that when I entered the Option Byte menu, the image fixed itself, without me moving any config, but when I power of and on again my tv , the image was solarized again, I checked, and the values did save, and the tv wasn?t on Shop Mode.

So here is where the problem began, I moved the Model that it had, The Gamma also change it to OFF, Lvdx TX move it from JEDA to Vesa when I moved this values nothing seems to happenedm but when I power of and then on the tv, a sort of black spots that then began turning white until most of the screen seems like a foggy white appeared.

After researching a little bit, I havent find an answer, just that maybe reseting the EPROM might work, because, also, when i turn off the TV. it turn on back again by itself, so I can't enter in to the Service Menu again.

I dont have right now the main board, to post pictures, but here I found some images from a store that sells the target

http://assets.shopjimmy.com/media/catal ... -top_1.jpg
http://assets.shopjimmy.com/media/catal ... ttom_1.jpg

As soon as I have the target, I will upload some pictures.

Thanks in advance.

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