Bricked LE40A676.

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Bricked LE40A676.

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I bricked my TV because of a (my)mistake during FW upgrade.
I applied the informations that I read in different SamyGO's wikis.
Especially ... _series_TV ... Unbricking

I'm convinced that I'm close to succeed but I need some more help.

Everything worked as indicated in the wiki "A_6_Unbricking" except at the end when I typed:
fatload usb 1 0x87600000 /vmlinux.ub
I received this error message:
**unable to use usb 1:1 for fatload**

Does it mean that USB Flash Drive is not working in this case ? (it's a considered possibility in the wiki) or is it something wrong with the setting up of my USB key ?
If I can't use USB, it's wrote that i have to use this command line:
loadb 0x87600000
and then "use kermit protocol to send the file over the Service Port connection".

No problem to type "loadb.... " but can somebody explain me how I can "send the file using kermit protocole" ? ( I enter the u-boot console using Putty)

Do not forget that I reached this point only thanks to the informations that I read in the wikis, my own knowledges on these subjects are still close to zero ...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to these wikis without whom I never will be so close to the end of this procedure. Thank you all.


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