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Samsung le32a556p1f is it possible to activate DVB-C?

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:47 am
by deus2k6
this rather old (2008) digital TV was designed and sold with DVB-T standard, which is quite useless in Russia.

As well, Samsung produced another models in this line with DVB-C and DVB-C+MPEG4 for another countries, like:


I hardly want to make my TV DVB-C compatible.

1) What's the difference between this models in details?

Apparently I find that:
PCB Main for le32a556p1f names BN94-01656E
PCB Main for le32a556p1c names BN94-01656G

Does is mean different tuners or "E" and "G" are just a different firmware for a same tuner?

2) Is it possible to activate DVB-C using service menu/firmware hacking or it's a hardware task and the only way to do so is to find compatible mainboard with DVB-C or DVB-C+MP4 tuner?

3) If it's a hardware issue - probably something can tell me what board is the best choice for me? Of cource I want DVB-C+MP4 compatible one.

Best regards.